April Jolley

Chief Executive Officer

April Jolley is an executive non-profit consultant with over 8 years of experience in driving organizational impact in the non-profit sector. From establishing and evolving strategies and advancing staff competencies to optimizing budgets for best efficiency she leverages a holistic approach to organizational development to assist nonprofits in maximizing services to disadvantaged community members

April is the founder and chief consultant of Novus Strategy Partners. Her career includes roles as executive director and CEO at organizations dedicated to a variety of social causes including public policy reform, economic empowerment, and attainable housing.

As a strategic partner to nonprofits, she blends her passion for social impact with sound business expertise to help organizations make the world a better place. First serving on the Christmas Connection Board of Directors, she has now joined our team as CEO as of 2023.

April has a BS degree in Organizational Leadership from the University of Central Oklahoma. Her commitment to excellence and compassion for those who need to feel a sense of dignity, are what motivates her to join Christmas Connection. Originally from Tulsa, April is a mom to two adult children and two in middle school. She, husband Clark, and family attend Crossings Community Church.

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